Boutique Clothing Meets Green Fashion

organic cotton pants paired with a silk micro-modal faux wrap topGreen fashion brand annie + jade understands that its our girl wants it all: exceptional casual couture underscored with a commitment to eco fashion. Striking a balance between boutique clothing and consideration for the planet's well-being is not easyt. Yet designer Annie Le stands firm in her commitment to such a simple, stylish balance.

annie + jade draws inspiration from the modern woman who manages to wear something sumptuous each day. But that same modern woman’s need for beautiful boutique clothing to celebrate after hours; also influences annie + jade. We believe in a philosophy of duality: every woman has at least two sides of her to share. Why not share both to the world? Why not catch the eyes of passers-by while she does so? Enter annie + jade's casual couture chic to caress each of a woman's curves.

From ready to wear fashion to beach chic clothing, annie + jade provides an array of alluring looks to dress stunningly for every moment. But annie + jade also insists on appealing to the eco-intelligence of modern women. The brand commits to authentic green fashion values, beginning with its fabrics. Natural, organic, recycled, and / or fair trade: annie + jade materials always uphold an eco fashion focus.

Our collections appeals to both sustainability and a woman's spirit. Her confidence while she wears our casual couture. Her sophistication while she searches for something easy and relevant. annie + jade transcends the trend. Our style ignores what "in" and looks to what's "always," what represents the best of both beach chic clothing and eco fashion today. We aim for ready to wear fashion that makes her feel like a woman on the verge of something special.