The Fabrics That Form annie + jade Eco Fashion

annie + jade’s, LA fashion designer Annie Le's upscale and eco-friendly fashion brand, consistently considers the bamboo shoots ready to be made into annie and jade fabricfundamental choice for every new fashion collection and piece -- the choice of fabrics. But the brand also considers the consequences of that choice to our environment.

The annie + jade brand believes that great style can be sustainable. That creating cute summer dresses do not have to cause harm to our planet. And that luxury designer fashion can emerge from eco-friendly, recycled, organic, and natural fabrics. These types of fabrics are both socially responsible and simply beautiful.

Qualifying as a renewable resource is what makes a fabric sustainable. It must be capable of both growing back quickly and being harvested with as little disturbance to the environment as possible. annie + jade prides itself on the regular use of such sustainable fabrics as hemp, organic flax, soy and tencel to name a few. The fashion brand also crafts elegant organic cotton clothing.

organic cotton plant before being selected for an annie and jade fabricTruly organic fashion demands that a designer uses truly organic fabrics to create her luxury designer fashion. Organic fabrics must have been grown chemical-free. They must also not be grown from genetically modified seeds. The manufacturing process of organic cotton clothing, in addition, prohibits the use of chemical additives as the fiber is crafted into garments.

"Natural" is another word that can describe the quality of many annie + jade fabrics. "Natural" fiber fabric simply refers to fabrics made from fibers found in nature. Many natural fabric fibers may have been grown and manufactured without harmful toxins, making them ideal for the creation of sustainable clothing. But there are oftentimes no certifying organizations to formally brand these fabrics as "organic."

From its latest runway dress to its selection of high-end ready to wear fashion, annie + jade doesn't shy away from recycled fabrics in her design process. When a fabric is recycled, it accomplishes a pair of sustainable clothing feats at once. It both conserves raw materials and reduces the amount of waste produced by reprocessing old materials into new products.

Annie Le is the rare LA fashion designer to employ a diverse array of fabrics that qualify as one or more of the above categories of organic fashion. Among the fabrics her annie + jade brand uses are modal, natural wool, vegan leather, Tencel, and recycled polyester. annie + jade proudly specializes in the use of unconventional fabrics that mainstream fashion often shies away from.

Tencel, one such fabric, is 100% natural and derived from eucalyptus wood. Its production is 99.5% sustainable and recycled. Those with sensitive skin adore tencel for its incredibly soft texture. It also wicks away moisture and keeps wearers feeling fresh.

Viscose has also been used in "annie+jade's" luxury designer fashion. Viscose is a breathable sustainable fabric, manufactured from a renewable wood resource, and ideal for Le's expertise in beach chic clothing.

Recycled polyester, a groundbreaking sustainable fabric and another annie + jade favorite, is created from recycled water bottles ready to be made into recycled polyesterplastic bottles. The production of this fabric reduces energy waste by more than 50% and generates substantially fewer emissions than does the creation of virgin polyester.

Many are surprised to learn that silk is actually the original "green" textile. Renewable and eco-friendly, silk is a natural protein fiber that is organic enough to even be used as compost. At annie + jade, silk is often used to create our most unique couture pieces.

Vegan leather, scientifically known as polyurethane, is a flexible and environmentally friendly organic fashion fabric. This stunning textile can create stylish and sustainable clothing with greater breathability and lighter weight than PVC vinyl or leather.

Last but not least is wool, a staple at "annie+jade." This natural fabric lends itself easily to luxury designer fashion, particularly thanks to its breathable feel, soft texture, and its appropriateness for those with allergies.

Each new fashion collection from annie + jade targets that beautiful girl with one eye on her wardrobe and the other on the world around her. To that girl, and to annie + jade, there's no reason why cute summer dresses can't count as organic fashion. That beach chic clothing can't also be sustainable clothing. That luxury designer fashion can't show love to the planet, too.