Summer Traveling Tips for the Eco-ista

Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer is just around the corner! We can only imagine how excited our A&J readers are to enjoy the time off from school, studying, and crazy stressful days. As an eco-ista, you know that maintaining the eco-friendly lifestyle is one that can be lived even while on vacation. We've compiled some of the top Summer Traveling tips for you and your travel buddies. What are some ways you still " go green" while on vacay? Comment below and let us know!

#1: Choose a GREEN Destination for your Summer Break Trip. When it comes to taking a vacation, think about going somewhere with a tiny carbon footprint.

Places like Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Big Sur, California; Taos, New Mexico all have GREEN, eco friendly accommodations and lodging. You'll be sunning yourself + relaxing while saving the planet as well!

#2: Volunteer: You'll have plenty of time to relax and chill on your trip, so why not use some of your down time for the good of others? Hop on The Mother Nature Network ( to find out some great ways to volunteer on your break. You won't regret it, we promise!

#3: Save on Transportation: Bring your bike, rent an eco-friendly car...or hail a green cab as so many cities have. Walk where you can, carpool, or utilize public transportation just as you would at home. Think about how much could be explored and enjoyed if you bike places and soak in your summer backdrop. You'll save gas, money, and most of all-- mother earth.

#4 Bring your own toiletries. If you do plan on staying in a hotel or at a resort that isn't not "green", then you'll still be able to do your part as a fab eco-ista. Bring along your own organic or natural beauty products like shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. Not only will you be doing your part, but your skin won't go bazerk and breakout from switching products.

#5 Eat Clean. Just because you're on your Summer Trip, doesn't mean you can't continue eating clean and going green. Download the Yelp! app to your phone and be sure to hone in on all of the organic, clean, and green eateries in the area. Try something new! Your body will thank you for eating right while away, and so will the planet for maintaining your eco-friendly eating habits.

Have a safe, GREEN Summer!