Celeb We Love: Matt Damon

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Like every woman on the planet, we absolutely heart Matt Damon. As if this hotties' long list of movies' such as The Bourne Series, We Bought a Zoo, and the Fighter wasn't enough, he actually cares about the planet and using his world renowned fame to help the eco-friendly community.

He founded Water.org, a US-based nonprofit organization that allows for clean, safe drinking water to be delivered to countries in need. By partnering with CamelBak, he helped design an eco-friendly water bottle with all profits going to this worthy cause.

With the purchase of each limited-edition Camel Groove reusable water bottle (100% BPA-free), $10 will go directly to Water.org.

”I think what resonates with me most is when you see people living without clean water and they’re forced to scavenge for water and basically use up all of their time just doing that, ” Damon said. “You realize that they’re in such a crippling cycle of poverty; it’s just a death spin that they can’t possibly get out of.” - Matt Damon via Water.org.

Damon's efforts were recognized along with Hayden Panetierre's (who had launched the Saved the Whales organization) when she received Futures award and he received the Ongoing Commitment award respectively.

The Ongoing Commitment award recognizes public figures and celebrities who found organizations or promote causes with an eco-friendly theme. In this cause, Matt Damon's contribution to the eco-friendly world was a unique yet entertaining one. Netflix TV’s “House of Cards” and the movie “Promised Land” are being recognized for their eco-friendly messages, both Netflix hits that Damon produced, helped write, and even lended his acting skills too.

You can check out House of Cards' on Netflix with a returning season this Spring, and head to www.water.org to get involved with this eco-friendly heartthrob's organization.