Summer Traveling Tips for the Eco-ista

Monday, May 12 SUMMER_green

Summer is just around the corner! We can only imagine how excited our A&J readers are to enjoy the time off from school, studying, and crazy stressful days. As an eco-ista, you know that maintaining the eco-friendly lifestyle is one that can be lived even while on vacation. We've compiled some of the top Summer Traveling tips for you and your travel buddies. What are some ways you still " go green" while on vacay? Comment below and let us know!

#1: Choose a GREEN Destination for your Summer Break Trip. When it comes to taking a vacation, think about going somewhere with a tiny carbon footprint.

Make 2014 Your Eco-Friendliest

Saturday, March 29 fan2014735b_39

We're already weeks into 2014, but it's not too late to make those changes needed in your life for 2014 as you embrace more of a green, eco-friendly lifestyle. We've compiled 14 ways you can go green this year in 2014. Which ones will you adopt into your busy lifestyle? Can you add to this list?

Celeb We Love: Matt Damon

Saturday, March 22 matt-damon-wants-to-help-the-environment

Like every woman on the planet, we absolutely heart Matt Damon. As if this hotties' long list of movies' such as The Bourne Series, We Bought a Zoo, and the Fighter wasn't enough, he actually cares about the planet and using his world renowned fame to help the eco-friendly community.

He founded, a US-based nonprofit organization that allows for clean, safe drinking water to be delivered to countries in need. By partnering with CamelBak, he helped design an eco-friendly water bottle with all profits going to this worthy cause.

Eco Friendly Shoes We Heart

Monday, February 17 Maaya by Neuaura are great neutral colored, eco friendly shoes for your A&J outfits!

As an eco-friendly fashionista, it's important to make sure that we're supporting the environment when we choose to dress fabulous from head to tow. This included our shoe collection!
So many of the season's top designs are made from materials that harmed animals, the earth, or both. We came across two pairs of shoes that are fab for casual and more formal occasions, check them out!

Go Green Hotel Stays

Tuesday, September 17 How do you go eco friendly when traveling?

Hey JetSetter, this post is for you. You can make the commitment to continually be eco friendly and live a clean lifestyle even when you’re on the road or traveling. You can make the pledge to go green and live eco friendly regardless of where you are in the world. How about a greener hotel experience? Here are a couple ideas to make your stay green, eco friendly as possible.

1. Find a Leed Certified Hotel . "In the United States alone, hotels represent more than 5 billion square feet of space, nearly 5 million guest rooms, and close to $4 billion in annual energy use.

Celebs We Love: Leonardo DiCaprio

Saturday, August 24 Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t just a movie star, but a star in the green + clean living world as well

Like we didn’t find Leonardo Dicaprio hot enough the last decade or—three. The fact that he’s so eco-friendly, lives “green” and truly cares about a healthy lifestyle really, truly makes us swoon.

Yes, the Prius driving celeb not only co-wrote, narrated, and co-produced the film “The 11th Hour” (a movie that is about the global environment’s current state), but post-production and screening he began his promotion and campaign, speaking to environmental activists and offering solutions to restore the planet’s ecosystems.