3 Green Ways: Junk Mail, The Car Wash & Your Dry Cleaning

Sunday, October 27, 2013

One of our monthly Annie and Jade monthly features is to challenge our readers to go green in their daily lives by making small changes that collectively, as a whole help our earth making this society a better place. Here are three ideas that are small, easy changes to your daily routine:

1. Cut Junk Mail
We’ve talked about taking your name off of email junk mail lists, but what about the clutter in your mailbox?

Take a couple minutes to think about the continual junk mail you come across in your mail box on a monthly basis and call or hop online to remove your address from their lists. You’ll be saving trees, space in your trash can, and it’ll help declutter your life.

2. Take Me to the Car Wash
Save time and water by taking your car to the local car wash instead of wasting gallons of water in your driveway. While you may feel it saves money, it saves time + water; so it’s a small price to pay for going green and eco-friendly. Budget a weekly or bi-weekly stipend for this and enjoy just closing your eye for a hot second while you’re in the car wash.

These establishments have it pre-set how much water to use and the least amount possible, also recycling the water that hits the drain. Car Wash Baby, Car Wash!

3. Dry Clean Courtesy
Many times we pick up our dry cleaning, put the clothes back in our closet and then don’t think twice about all of the hangers from the dry cleaners. Help the dry cleaners cut costs by recycling your hangers by one simple step: just taking them back! It’s a simple drop off that will help your local dry cleaners and also clear clutter in the closet.

How are you saving time and money by going eco-friendly + green living?