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While we haven't even hit the winter months yet, we're pleased, excited, thrilled, and all of those fabulous adjectives for being HAPPY to announce the Spring 2014 line here at Annie and Jade.

The inspiration was a more contemporary 1970s looks directly inspired by Bianca Jagger. You can view our full look book here: http://annieandjade.com/Spring2014lookbook.php

Not familiar with Miss Bianca Jagger?

Monday, November 18
Declutter your life by unsubscribing from junk mail; save the planet, save paper, and save space in your trash.

3 Green Ways: Junk Mail, The Car Wash & Your Dry Cleaning

One of our monthly Annie and Jade monthly features is to challenge our readers to go green in their daily lives by making small changes that collectively, as a whole help our earth making this society a better place. Here are three ideas that are small, easy changes to your daily routine:

1. Cut Junk Mail
We’ve talked about taking your name off of email junk mail lists, but what about the clutter in your mailbox?

Sunday, October 27
nicole alyse of running in wedges in annie and jade



Summer Traveling Tips for the Eco-ista

Summer is just around the corner! We can only imagine how excited our A&J readers are to enjoy the time off from school, studying, and crazy stressful days. As an eco-ista, you know that maintaining the eco-friendly lifestyle is one that can be lived even while on vacation. We've compiled some of the top Summer Traveling tips for you and your travel buddies. What are some ways you still " go green" while on vacay? Comment below and let us know!

#1: Choose a GREEN Destination for your Summer Break Trip. When it comes to taking a vacation, think about going somewhere with a tiny carbon footprint.

Monday, May 12

Make 2014 Your Eco-Friendliest

We're already weeks into 2014, but it's not too late to make those changes needed in your life for 2014 as you embrace more of a green, eco-friendly lifestyle. We've compiled 14 ways you can go green this year in 2014. Which ones will you adopt into your busy lifestyle? Can you add to this list?

Saturday, March 29

Celeb We Love: Matt Damon

Like every woman on the planet, we absolutely heart Matt Damon. As if this hotties' long list of movies' such as The Bourne Series, We Bought a Zoo, and the Fighter wasn't enough, he actually cares about the planet and using his world renowned fame to help the eco-friendly community.

He founded Water.org, a US-based nonprofit organization that allows for clean, safe drinking water to be delivered to countries in need. By partnering with CamelBak, he helped design an eco-friendly water bottle with all profits going to this worthy cause.

Saturday, March 22


Hayden Panettiere doing what she does best: saving the world.

Celebs We Love: Hayden Panettiere

She's stunning, a former HERO (remember her from that NBC show?), turned Nashville country singer and star yet still has time to save the planet and the animals on it. We're talking about eco-friendly, green goddess Hayden Panettiere.

Monday, February 17
We heart these Silvano shades!

Accessories We Love: Shades of Style

"I love street style, seeing how girls wear pieces and how their pair accessories with their outfit. How they pair shoes with a bag and go to day to night and change things up."
- Maria Sharapova (Professional Tennis Player by Day, Fashionista by Night)

Sunday, November 10
Red Lentils are an amazing powerfood, great for vegans or vegetarians. With similar properties as red meat, this is a superfood you have to have in your food pantry!

Nom Nom Nom: A+J Recipes

It’s summer and there’s nothing more refreshing than a variety of salads to mix up your weekly menu and routine. When we think salads, we usually think of the typical blend of lettuce leaves, vegetables and some great dressing. I love to experiment though and have created cold salads with three different types of grains or legumes. All three are the perfect addition to a fun, easy, and affordable salad creation with a description from the experts as to why these salad add-ins can be so good.

Monday, September 02