About the Designer

AnnieVietnamese-American fashion designer Annie Le began her career in fashion as a young girl learning to sew by her mother's side. From a young age, Annie could be found sketching designs, sewing, and as she grew older, sporting the latest trends and styles. Although fashion was always a major force in Annie's life, she knew she wanted a traditional university education, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. While attending university, Annie became exposed to public relations and advertising, and found her detour from fashion via a Master's program in Integrated Marketing Communications. Moving forward with a career in advertising, Annie pursued her new direction for four years as an account executive for some of the most notable advertising agencies in Southern California.

With fashion never far from her mind, Annie opened a small t-shirt clothing company in 2007, achieving mild success. This venture gave her a taste of what she was capable of accomplishing in the fashion industry. During her short-lived experience with the t-shirt line, Annie realized she could not bear the thought of going through life always wondering if she could have been a successful fashion designer. Making a drastic change in her personal and professional life, Annie chose to leave her career in advertising and pursue her passion for fashion as a design student at FIDM. True to form, she was inspired to begin developing a new fashion line prior to graduating.

Annie's design aesthetics are quite simple. However, it is her belief as a fashion designer that simplicity can inherently cause more complexity because there is no facade to hide behind. Creating clothes for women that rely on clean designs with strong silhouettes and construction, Annie ultimately designs clothes that compliment the female form. Regarding her philosophy on designing, Annie states, "I want to make clothing that my female friends and family members would feel comfortable and confident wearing. But just as important, I want to bring the eco-luxury element into my clothing, offering the contemporary customer a green option for day and evening luxury."