Runway Dress Chic: Stylish Sustainable Clothing

LA fashion designer Annie Le loves a iconic runway dress. But annie + jade, her sustainable clothing couture brand, goes beyond what merely looks good on the runway. annie + jade commits to the creation of contemporary clothing that's always graciously green.

The forward-thinking brand finds success in maintaining that commitment in an array of styles and forms: work clothes for women headed for the corner office, cute summer dresses that radiate simplicity, and sustainable clothing pieces that pique the interest of high fashion purists. Why not buy fashion that both looks good on you and looks great for the planet? Every annie + jade collection answers this question with an emphatic, effortless reply.

annie + jade aims at the contemporary woman who buys fashion that has it all: both ease and eco-intelligence. Our brand stands out among LA fashion designer brands for its dedication to such a balance.

We believe that those cute summer dresses should also count as stylish sustainable clothing. We have faith that chic work clothes for women today don't have to ignore the realities of our planet. And we hold to our passionate ideal: the wonders of a runway dress that our girl can wear with both her night out and Mother Nature in mind.